Special Omakase at table  85 / Per person

Amuse, Chef's choice nine pieces of Nigiri with one Temaki, Tamago.

Please note that we kindly require advance notice of allergies and dietary restrictions to provide you the best dining experience. 

Junmai Daiginjo & Daiginjo      Glass / Bottle          

Dewazakura Ichiro (Yamagata)   23 / 115

A sweet aroma of apple and melon. its gorgeous fruit basket of flavors and dense aromas. SMV+3

Kaze no Mori "Alpha type 3" (Nara)  23 / 115

A delicate and refreshing spritz with lychee, melon, mandarin, nectarine with refreshing acidity on the finish. SMV+3

Taiheizan Tenko 40  (Akita)   27 / 135

Hints of fresh tropical fruits & citrus, Full bodied with apple flavors with textured richness. SMV+3.5

Temahima (Yamagata)  27 / 135

Soft, ripe, smooth, round with honeydew, strawberry, sweet pear hints that are ripe and expressive.  SMV+0.5

Kiminoi (Niigata)   / 170

Yamahai, is mild collection of cream, nougat, rice candy, and steamed rice aromas. Smooth, light, with a nice body and a gentle acidity.  SMV+5


Manzairaku "Hakusan" (Ishikawa)    / 150

Aromas of white flowers, honey, mint and mushroom on the nose with round sweetness on the palate. SMV+3

Masumi Yumedono (Nagano)     / 170

Multi-layered, highly aromatic, deeply flavorful, and a clean aftertaste. Hints of of melons, grapes, cherries, and dried apricots SMV+5

Akitsu (Hyogo)      / 450

Gorgeous aromas of honeysuckle and melon, with a medium body and flavor. A must try for serious sake lovers. SMV+0


Tsugu (Niigata)       / 880

Supreme tanrei-karakuchi sake and rich aroma, delicate and elegant floral aroma with a soft and mouthfeel.   SMV+0.


CHAMPAGNE         Glass / Bottle   

Andre Clouet Grand Cru      26 / 103

Crisp, clear, full body and nice taste of yeast


Marc Hebrart Rose    28 / 115

Light pink, faint strawberry scents. Medium bodied.


Vilmart & Cie 1er Cru Cuvee Rubis Rose      / 150

Rich & elegant, red-fruits aromas, full in body and well-balanced


Pierre Peters Cuvee Reserve      / 140

A stunning fruit intensity & a firm and mineral structure


P.Gimonnet Extra Brut Grand Cru

“Special Club”2012       / 250

More intensity, with a lot of Cramant herbs, stones and minerals


Krug Grand Cuvee  167th edition     / 320

Special edition, good freshness and bright citrus, mineral, floral flavos


2010 Dom Perignon Brut        / 450

Full-bodied and dry. It’s very layered and bright with light pineapple, peach, praline, cooked-apple and stone aromas and flavors

Junmai & Junmai Ginjo    Glass / Bottle   

Den Blanc by Den Sake Brewery (Oakland)   / 50 *500ml

Aroma of celery, under-ripe nectarine and a hint of umami with a clean and refreshing finish. Limited Production. SMV -1.0


So Homare Tokubetsu Kimoto (Tochigi)    14 / 70

Its deep, fruit flavor and crisp nose. bits of hay and bark, wet cork, and a slight tinge of dried fruits. SMV+5


Tamagawa (Kyoto)      14 / 70 

Rich, crisp flavour with Smokey, nutty top notes are joined by zingy berry-like fruitiness. plenty of rice-driven umami. SMV+4


Izumi Judan (Yamagata)    16 / 80

For martini fans, crisp & bone dry with juniper berries, crisp pear, and dry melon tones. SMV+12


Koshi no Kanbai Sai (Niigata)    18 / 90

Has a gentle nose filled with nougat, vanilla, and creamy aromas. elegantly smooth with a satisfying finish. SMV+2.5     

Kamoizumi   (Hiroshima)    15 / 60 *500ml

This unfiltered sake is rich, creamy and brimming with exuberant natural flavor, mildly sweet. SMV+1

Kakurei Ume-Shu Plum Sake (Niigata)   11 /

Mellow sweet flavor with refreshing aftertaste. Well balanced with mild acidity. Aperitif, after dinner drink. 

WINE         Glass / Bottle   

Domaine Philippe Tessier Cheverny (France)  17 / 85

Ripe apples, lemon zest, stone, and sea breeze saltiness.

Reid Renner Gruner Veltiner (Austria)   26 / 125

Dry & notes of citrus fruits, minerality & spice in the long finish

Domaine Ballard-Curtet  Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru

(France)     / 160

Buttery, complex, yet clean & crisp


Suntory The Premium Malts (Draft)     8oz / 8    16oz  / 16

Japanese Pilsner. a floral aroma and rich, quality taste and aftertaste.


Bottle of Water (Sparkling or Still)      6 

Kona - Cha        6

Traditional Sushi Green Tea 

Soba - Cha             6 

Roasted Buckwheat Tea

Hoji - Cha           6 

Roasted Green Tea

* Corkage fee is $40 per 750ml with a limit of 2 bottles per party.

* Consuming raw or undercooked seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness especially if you have a medical condition.