SASAKI  is a counter only, Edomae-style, sushi restaurant located in the quiet inner mission district. Chef-owner, Masaki Sasaki, offers one, nightly, prix-fixe menu ranging from $85-$200 per person. 


Masaki Sasaki

Masaki  "Masa" Sasaki is from the coastal area of Ise, Japan. For centuries, the Ise-Shima Peninsula has been known for its seafood cuisine. Since moving to the US in 1984, Masa worked in notable restaurants in San Francisco, New York, and Chicago. In 2002, he helped open the 400 seat, Blue Fin restaurant at the W Hotel in Times Square, and in subsequent years he opened the restaurant in other major cities including Toronto and Chicago. Moving back to San Francisco in 2005, Masa worked at Sebo and Saru. In 2013, Masa opened Maruya and he earned a Michelin star for the restaurant.


After leaving Maruya, Masa was a consultant to Omakase and Delage.In 2016, Masa opened Sasaki as the chef-owner. His personality, training, and experiences are reflected throughout the dining experience. Parties up to 6 are seated at the Monterey Cypress sushi counter and are guided through an omakase menu featuring the freshest, seasonal fish and produce on plates and bowls Masa designed with his Buddhist priest friend in Odawara, Japan.